iPad POS System – Forget Conventional, Switch to Cloud!

History reveals that merchants running brick-and-mortar sort of businesses have mostly been reluctant to adapt to modern technologies, although it’s not the case with every business. It’s no use waiting for the new technology to become excessively common and then switching to it, for how could one profit from the initial benefits?

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Traditional POS systems have been accused of errors, malfunction, disruptions, inflexibility, and huge costs. However, the cloud-based POS version, i.e. of iPad, responds to all these issues in the best possible manner. It’s accessible not only in-store, but from virtually anywhere in the world. All you need is the iPad tablet and its 3G/4G network to get there.

With cloud-based technology, you are sure that your data is secure no matter what. Hard-disk failures and crashed PCs will be a nightmare of the past because cloud provides the most secure data backup against any malfunction. All your business data and information stays on your fingertips.

Up-to-the minute updates and technical requirements let you download and install additional features and applications in order to make it even more efficient. Besides, integrating various aspects of the business is also made easy. You can integrate all your customer loyalty programs over your cloud, such as reward points, prize rebates, etc.

Switching to iPad POS is quite affordable too. You don’t have to pay any amount upfront, but just monthly charges against the services that you receive from the device and software provider. The service charges include software installation, technical support, data backups, and upgrades when needed.

In addition, the process of switching from traditional POS systems to iPad POS is also assisted by the service provider. They’ll get your entire data moved to a cloud so that you can keep up with your business. Find more information on itil service management from www.sysaid.com.

Tips for Successful Ecommerce Web Development


Ecommerce website is a place where people can buy products online. The most important feature while developing a successful ecommerce website is the shopping cart software that you add on your website in order to facilitate online purchasing. If you are starting your business online, following are the few easy steps that you can follow in order to setup a successful ecommerce web development.

1. Choose a simple shopping cart for your site that is easy to use and involves simple steps to make a purchase.
2. Talk to your bank and select an online payment partner. This decision should be taken on the basis of your earnings and the potential of business growth.
3. Write terms and services for purchase and return. Discuss these details with your payment partner and see the available templates online. Make sure that these terms and conditions are easy for your customers to understand, and that there should be no hidden clause that your customer might misinterpret.
4. Include a postage method which might have fixed prices for all products, or different prices based on the size, weight and location of the shipment.
5. Go through the site of your competitors to keep up with the services that they are providing to their customers, and which might be lacking in your site.
6. Organise your products on your website. Make your website easier for your customers to navigate through. Add search engine option that will help them find what they are looking for.
7. Add images of your products where necessary to tell your customers what they are buying and to give them clear idea of their purchase. Give full specifications of the products so that the customer is well aware of what he is buying.
8. Give your e-commerce website development provider all the essential information about the design and layout of your website.
9. Design a marketing strategy through which you will create awareness about your website and attract customers.

If you have a blog on your mind – go for premium WordPress templates


Blogs are necessary and are the easiest way to keep your visitors updated. If you are running a business a blog can be very useful in announcing about a new product or providing more information about the existing ones. These are also useful in making your visitors aware about the new development by you. If you are running an e commerce portal, blogs can prove to be very handy as far as the new product announcements are concerned. Though there are other means such as social media portals to announce a new product or development.

People visit blogs to read more about exciting things and these can be very utility oriented as people keep on revisiting the blogs for more information. WordPress is the popular platform that is used by people worldwide for setting up blog. There are personal as well as business blogs and other variety of blogs to choose from. In addition to this there are myriad templates available which can be customized as per the need and can be used for setting up a blog.

There are two options as far as the templates are concerned. One is free templates which are free to use but these have a set pattern and one can customize these to an extent only. On the other hand there are premium wordpress templates that are not only highly customizable but there is also an option to order highly customized need based templates. Furthermore, one can also order a highly dedicated template for the blog.

Microsoft Lync has Multiple Benefits

Communication is the key to any successful business and the best forms of communication enable the businesses using them to skip even further ahead. Microsoft Lync is an excellent example of how businesses can communicate with their clients and within their business itself. If as a business operator you are flat out running your operation, having a top IT consultant as your partner means you and your staff will have access to all the latest in IT hardware and software.

One of the beauties of the Microsoft Lync software is its ease of use and the many benefits it provides. Communication is vital but once it could often be time-consuming. Getting people from different departments or even from different locations was a time costly exercise. But by using
an entire group can effectively communicate without even leaving the confines of their own office.

Microsoft Lync enables your members of staff to communicate by text, by voice and even in a face-to-face situation with the use of a simple web cam. Think of the benefits that offers your business. With colour co-ordinated buttons, staff members can see who is online and immediately communicate with their colleague. Text, voice and webcam communication are all available options.

Sharing text, charts, videos and the like are all easy with Microsoft Lync. Online meetings have never been easier with people from a wide variety of locations all able to be present and to contribute. This benefit alone justifies the use of this outstanding software. But it has a myriad of benefits and getting the most from the program requires the expert advice found via Microsoft Lync consulting.

Discover just how more efficient your business can become with the use of Microsoft Lync. Partner with a consultant and watch the efficiency of your business and its communications grow exponentially.

What You Don’t Want a FreeEcommerce Software Solution

The natural tendency for many of us would be to go for free things and the world is full of freebies. In Ecommerce, you don’t have to pay a dime to get your Ecommerce software as there are various free options. All you have to do is buy a domain, hosting service and download your software. Though this sounds like a dream,it’s important to note that you are building a brand and free things could mess up your online business.

Experience has taught us that free is often expensive and there is always a big catch when implementing a free system. So what is the catch with free Ecommerce systems? They are not the easiest to set up. You spend a lot of time modifying the software to fit your needs and even more hour’s trouble shooting which means that your business is at a standstill all the while. Though you can hire an Ecommerce web developer to sort out your problems, it will still cost you money and the price may be even more than what you would have paid for with an uncomplicated hosting solution. Installation is a nightmare on its own. You need to have basic understanding on the language used inprogramming so as to make the software suitable for your business. You also need to have an understanding when it comes to internet security matters since you cannot have an insecure Ecommerce platform.

Unlike hosted support that is often readily available, free ecommerce platforms don’t provide the necessary help. The vendor doesn’t have to get back to you soon and this means that the bug you encountered will not be dealt with anytime soon. This leads to increased down time and loss of business as well. As you can see, free is not a dream come true and you need to be very careful before going for an Ecommerce software solution.