By subscribing to Self Finance System and joining to one or more lines of investment, through payment with paypal, you will be able to access to the easiest and quickest gain system.


Self Finance System is the only company which gives profits to everybody in a very short time; even to people who can only invest a few $/€.


Self Finance System is committed to make the system known so that more and more people can participate and be informed of the results.


Welcome to our website!

Self finance system is a company that offers play lines to all those people who wish to invest even very small sums in order to get an immediate and convenient earning; in other words, as an old proverb said "TO BELIEVE IT TRY IT". If you think to improve your skills read more about ipcuk loss assessors here.

In a period of high instability and an economic crisis that makes everything uncertain, it is really difficult to find forms of safe investments with satisfactory earnings. For this reason, loan consolidation offers a simple and fun way of earning money online!
Doing a bit of research on Google about systems to make money online, many websites come up offering financial “miracles”. It is absolutely unadvisable to invest online without having sufficient guarantees on how these portals work, given the amount of fraud revealed each day on internet. In other words, everyone promises to make money but nobody explains how!
Instead, Self Finance System has developed an online investment system that is based on various lines and that offers high percentage earnings. What they have in common, however, is the absolute guarantee of economic returns on your Paypal account.
There are many reasons to trust. Firstly, it is sufficient to see what happens on the world’s share markets. Everyday, the stock exchange staggers along and makes you lose money. Even state investments like treasury bills or long term treasury bonds which were once safe, with a maximum guarantee of getting one’s money back, are no longer able to guarantee sweet dreams to investors.   
Instead, due to its game system and the possibility of involving a high number of persons, Self Finance System, is able to offer a reliable solution for online business. Especially, since everything takes place on internet and in first person, that is, without the need for a financial broker.  
Playing with Self Finance System is simple and fun! Choosing various investment lines, high percentage earnings which can be reinvested immediately are possible in a few days. In a short period of time, the dream of making money online becomes a splendid reality.
In comparison to other investment systems, Self Finance System works better if it is known to the largest number of persons possible. With respect to the traditional forms of investment, where “discretion” was the key to success, in this game, the higher the number of participants, the less time needed to earn money.
Lastly, making money may also mean helping those who are in need. In fact, Self Finance System gives priority to problems like peace and social justice in the world. For this reason, 20% of the accumulated profits will be donated to humanitarian organisations working in difficult areas in the world, like Amnesty International or Doctors Without Borders.
So what are you waiting for: register and start playing with Self Finance System!